Our Tattoos: Best Tattoos From the World's Best Artists Vol 2

By: Adam Lockman

Date Released
240 x 320mm

Out of Print

Best Tattoos From the World's Best Artists Vol 2

Tattoos are so far removed from their early days of tribal identification. These days they are so much more than marks of camaraderie or stamps of rebellion. Tattoos are now mainstream expressions of art and personal style upon the individual's skin. Long gone are those early days of mystery and secrecy. Those times have well and truly disappeared with tattoos now bombarding us daily, in print, advertising, television and almost every other medium of communications. It is, in fact, the ultimate act of communication through self-expression upon your flesh for the world to see, worn with pride on people in all walks of life. Exploring the amazing and varied tattoo work being done all over the world, Volume 1 of Our Tattoos: The Best Tattoos From the World's Best Artists contains full colour photographs and is a must have for all tattoo enthusiasts.
Publication Date:
01 / 04 / 2012
240 x 320mm

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