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    Out at Night

    By: Susan Arnout Smith

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    Opening just one day after the ending of 'The Timer' Game'‚ CSI agent‚ Grace Descanso has to come to terms with the reality of introducing Mac into Katie's life‚ as her father. As the three spend time together in the Bahamas‚ Katie begins to develop a bond with her father. Grace knows that life as she knew it‚ with her daughter‚ has come to an end.

    It is not long before Grace's personal life is interrupted. Thaddeus Bartholomew‚ a history professor is forced at gunpoint to drive to a soy field. As he lies dying‚ he leaves a message on his answerphone at home in Morse code: find Grace Descans-. Cut off before finishing‚ the FBI need to know why he asked for Grace.

    A journey into a world of activism and violence‚ secrets and lies‚ OUT AT NIGHT is a break neck rollercoaster of a thriller‚ gripping from the first page until the last.

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