Out Of The Ashes

Out Of The Ashes by Andrew Cockburn & Patrick Cockburn
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196 x 142mm

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Other Titles by Andrew Cockburn & Patrick Cockburn

The Resurrection of Saddam Hussein.

This is the explosive, impeccably researched and documented account of how the enigmatic and unpredictable Saddam Hussein has remained in power despite numerous attempts to topple him.

First-rate investigative journalists Andrew and Patrick Cockburn bring us the intriguing, controversial, and terrifying story from inside Iraq. This book exposes for the first time ever the internal feuds between covert CIA operators that doomed the secret operations to bring down Saddam Hussein in what was the biggest intelligence debacle since the Bay of Pigs.

The Cockburns offer surprising insights into the psyche of the man who has terrorised democracy worldwide, and made astonishing comebacks in the face of repeated attempts from inside and outside Iraq to eliminate him. They lift the veil on the Iraqi royal family and the volatile relationships that may prove to be Hussein's undoing. The book also sheds new light on Saddam Hussein's most treasured possessions - his weapons of mass destruction - and why he will never give them up.
Publication Date:
01 / 05 / 2000
196 x 142mm

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