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    Overheard: Conversations from the Buses, Banks and Bars of Britain

    By: Mark Love & Jacqui Saunders

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    Think you've heard it all before? Think again with this hilarious collection of conversations from around Britain‚ overheard at tourist hotspots‚ in queues‚ at work and on public transport.

    Packed full of verbal wit and gags it is guaranteed to get people talking and remember the stupid things that they have overheard.

    A tired looking mother stands hands on hips in the play park watching her two young children tumble in the dirt.

    MOTHER: (shouting)
    Jordan! Syria! Play nice!

    Casanova on the 137
    A young Casanova is chattin' on his mobile‚ while sitting on a bus.

    I am so glad you called sweet. Yeaaaahh. Girl I ain't sitting on no bus. I'm here‚ driving‚ yeah? Yeah‚ well you soon see it girl. You gonna come out with me tonight? Cooool. I'm sooo glad you called yeah? I was thinking 'bout you...let's meet up...where? Okay I'll take you there...Yeah I'll take you there girl. I won't bring my wheels if we'ze going there. Thas alright. Thas alright...I'll be there. What's your name girl..? I know what your name is girl‚ I want you to spell it. Donna‚ Dana! D-a-n-a yeah? I knew that. I am sooo glad you called yeah? I was thinking 'bout you.

    A hilarious record of what people really do say. Watch out-you never know who might be listening!

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