Oz Garcia's The Healthy High-Tech Body

Oz Garcia's The Healthy High-Tech Body by Oz Garcia

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Do you want to live until you're ninety but always feel like you're twenty?Do you want to find out about the most recent breakthroughs in nutrition, weightloss, disease prevention, cognitive enhancement, and anti-aging?Do you want the very best body you've ever had—one that will last you a lifetime?Oz Garcia's Look and Feel Fabulous Forever is the first comprehensive guide to the finest health supplements, procedures, products, techniques, and technology in the world today. Whether you're looking for remedies to boost your energy level, reliable sources for nutraceuticals, information on the latest European cell treatments, secrets to youthful aging, or the latest cosmeceuticals for skin, nails, and teeth, it's all here.The 5 pillar of the healthy high-tech bodyPillar 1: FrontiersFind out how many illnesses and diseases will be controlled by new medical therapies and technologiesPillar 2: SupernutritionDiscover the Paleotech Diet, a powerful new concept in nutrition Learn about nutraceuticals, the next generation of nutritional supplementsPillar 3: Life Extension, Life EnhancementFind out how to stay mentally sharp throughout your life and protect your brain from the ravages of agingLearn about European anti-aging treatments and cutting-edge clinics in the United States and abroadPillar 4: Body BeautifulDiscover cosmeceuticals, the newest skin products that can eradicate signs of premature aging and help you keep your youthful complexionExercise your twenty-first-century options and keep your aging body at peak performance throughout your lifePillar 5: SexualityImprove sexual performance for great sex at any age
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17 / 03 / 2009

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