Paediatric Palliative Medicine

Paediatric Palliative Medicine by Satbir Singh Jassal

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Looking after children with life-limiting conditions can be very difficult for both the parents as well as the health care professionals who may only see a few cases in their career. Paediatric Palliative Care is full of easily-accesible, detailed information on medical conditions and symptoms and includes specific management plans. While the book encompasses symptom control, it also considers the philosophy and models that support delivery of palliativemedicine to children, while also covering practical delivery of palliative medicine, relating to other professionals and to families, and the learning and coping skills required in palliative care. It also contains a quick-reference drug formulary. While specialization in paediatric palliative medicine is increasing, for most children with a life-limiting condition, the majority of their care is still provided by professionals without specialist training and care may come from a general paediatric or other sub-specialist team. Others will be cared for by primary care teams, or sometimes by adult palliative medicine teams.The unique significance of this handbook is its capacity to facilitate practical bedside delivery of effectivepalliative medicine to children by professionals who have not trained or had experience of caring for the dying child.
Publication Date:
29 / 04 / 2010

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