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    By: Graham Harvey & Charlotte Hardman

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    An Introduction to the Ancient Earth Traditions.

    Whether you are a wiccan, a druid, or a shaman, or simply love and respect the planet as a living organism, this collection of essays from leading Pagans offers a fresh, insightful look into the many different paths open to pagans today.

    Here is a wonderful celebration of the diversity of this ever-growing tradition, from its ancient roots to modern eco-magic. A wide range of practicing Pagans and academics reveal that there are shared basic principles at the heart of all the different paths, as well as exploring:
    - Paganism - is it an ancient tradition or a new religion?
    - The main magical groups - and how you can create a little magic in your life
    - How to find harmony within your nature and the outer world through Wicca, Druidry and Shamanism
    - Why the Goddess is such an important source of healing for modern women

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