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    Pandora's Seed: Why the Hunter-Gatherer Holds the Key to Our Survival

    By: Spencer Wells

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    We have better and more comfortable lives in the Western world than we did a few generations ago. So why aren't we happier, or healthier? Spencer Wells shows that the solution lies in our hunter-gatherer roots.

    Humans were designed to hunt in the wild, not for crowded, urbanized living. The latest research reveals that when we settled and developed agriculture 10,000 years ago we may have created modern civilization, but we also opened a Pandora's box of problems – becoming sedentary, overpopulated, disease-prone and selfish. In fact everything from our sweet tooth and stress disorders to environmental damage and even terrorism can be traced back to this mismatch between our genes and lifestyle.

    Spencer Wells takes us on a globe-trotting journey through human history, showing how we can learn from our ancestors in order to survive and thrive in the future.

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