PC Based Instrumentation and Control

PC Based Instrumentation and Control by Mike Tooley

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PC Based Instrumentation and Control is a guide to implementing computer control, instrumentation and data acquisition using a standard PC and some of the most popular computer languages.Numerous examples of configurations and working circuits, as well as representative software, make this a practical, hands-on guide to implementing PC-based testing and calibration systems and increasing efficiency without compromising quality or reliability. Guidance is given on modifying the circuits and software routines to meet the reader's specific needs.The third edition includes updated coverage of PC hardware and bus systems, a new chapter on virtual instruments and an introduction to programming and software development in a modern 32-bit environment. Additional examples have been included, with source code and executables available for download from the companion website www.key2control.com.* Save money and increase efficiency with an instrumentation and control strategy using a standard PC* Ideal for educational courses in control engineering and instrumentation - create simple but realistic PC-based simulations* A companion website provides downloadable executables, source code, links to manufacturers and suppliers, and additional reference material
Publication Date:
12 / 05 / 2005

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