Pearl River Junction: The Sons Of Daniel Shaye

Pearl River Junction: The Sons Of Daniel Shaye by Robert J Randisi
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111 x 181mm

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In this third adventure in the Sons Of Daniel Shaye series, a woman from the Shaye's past and her baby are in danger, and the men must risk everything to protect them.

While Lawman Dan Shaye and his boys can handle themselves in a brawl, and know their way around a pistol, they're family men first and foremost. These men are cut from the toughest cloth, but they act out of desire to help those in need - especially when its kinfolk who need the helping. So when Dan Shaye gets a letter from an unknown woman saying that his son had sired a child of his own just before being killed by desperadoes, he and his boys ride their horses to Pearl River Junction to investigate.

But things aren't exactly as they seem - it turns out the baby might not be a relation at all, and might be part of the mother's elaborate deception to use the Shayes as protection against her old beau, recently released from jail. But now that man is coming to Pearl River Junction, and he wants what is his. And while he's in town, he and his gang of bloodthirsty gunmen might just try to take a few other things as well - like the town bank. So now the Shayes have to decide if they are going to abandon a child that might not even be family, or risk their lives to help protect a town full of strangers.
Publication Date:
26 / 07 / 2006
111 x 181mm

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