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    Volume One of the Pearl Saga.

    Struggling to survive an existence of enforced slavery on their home planet, the people of Kundala are slowly dying. Their oppressors the V'ornn, a technologically advanced, alien race, have reigned over the Kundalini with unyielding power for more than one hundred years.

    Only through the power of the lost, god-given Pearl can the Kundalini be saved from extinction, for within it lies a secret so portent it could tear the entire planet apart. However, only one man is destined to find and wield the awesome power of the Pearl. His name is Achaea, high prince of the alien V'ornn, foreordained to become his enemies' saviour - the fabled and long awaited Dar-Sala'at.

    To fulfill his destiny he first must die and be reborn, his spirit fused into the body of a young Kundalini girl, Riane. As co-existing spirits in a single body, the two young identities of different gender, culture and race, will not only have to hide the quest for the Pearl from those who would seek to try to snatch such power for themselves, but also resolve deeply ingrained prejudices, for without doing so, the Pearl will never be found, and the Kundalini, and Achaea are doomed.

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