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    Penguin Classics: Ta Hsueh And Chung Yung

    By: Andrew Placks

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    The Highest Order of Cultivation and On the Practice of the Mean.

    'Ta Hsueh' and 'Chung Yung' are two of the central texts of early Chinese thought, encapsulating Confucian philosophy on the Way of moral cultivation and spiritual attainment.

    Traditionally held to be the work of two of Confucius's closest disciples, the books were compiled in their present form late in the second or first century BCE and have occupied a central position in educational and political life for almost a thousand years throughout the East Asian cultural sphere.

    The text focus on the connection between internal self-cultivation and the external realisation of one's moral core in the fulfillment of the practical aims of Confucian life: the observance of ritual, the proper conduct of personal relationships, and the grand enterprise of maintaining order in the state and the world.

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