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    We live in a world where we are living longer, retiring earlier and we have high material expectations. But to achieve our dreams we need to grow our wealth and who better to show us how than Paul Clitheroe, Australia's best-known financial adviser.

    In his clear, straightforward fashion, Paul shows you how to take control of your money through budgeting and other methods of saving. Paul then tells you how to invest those savings - showing you how to generate wealth, reach your goals and achieve financial security.

    The 'Penguin Pocket Money' series is written in a clear, straightforward, accessible style that ensures a quick understanding of how to make the most of money - be it through shares, property, managed funds, superannuation, or simply by clearing debts in order to clear the way to start accumulating wealth. By following Paul's sensible and always reasonable advice, everyone's financial goals can become achievable.

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