People-Focused Knowledge Management

People-Focused Knowledge Management by Karl Wiig

By: Karl Wiig

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The business environment has changed. Sharper competition requires organizations to exhibit greater effectiveness in their operations and services and faster creation of new products and services-all hallmarks of the knowledge economy. Up until now, most of the knowledge management literature has focused on technology, systems, or culture. This book moves to the next stage, to focus on the people-the knowledge workers themselves. Noted expert Karl Wiig synthesizes recent research findings in cognitive science and related fields to describe how people actually work. He focuses on how people learn, remember, make decisions, solve problems and act-in general, how knowledge relates to work behavior. By understanding how people work, managers can improve effectiveness to gain competitive advantage.* First book to connect cognitive science with knowledge management* Karl Wiig has worldwide name recognition as thought leader* Clearly written for professionals with charts and checklists
Publication Date:
15 / 06 / 2004

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