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This book reviews wildlife management and conservation in Central and South America. The book discusses the threats to biodiversity in this area including habitat fragmentation, development, ranching, tourism as well as hunting. The book contains contributions from many local Latin American authors who work there daily and are exposed to the numerous and unique issues that need to be taken into account when talking about conservation in Central and South America.Contributors:abundance and spatial distribution of Orinoco Crocodiles in the Cojedes River sy; Amazonas, Brazil, Augusto Fachin Teran, Richard C. Vogt, and John B. Thorbjarnar; Amazonas, BrazilJoo Paulo Viana, Jos Maria B. Damasceno, Leandro Castello, Wi; Andrs J. Novaro; Bolivia, Andrew J. Noss and Michael Painter; brocket deer and cattle in the Pantanal, Brazil, Laurenz Pinder; Catherine T. Sahley, Jorge Torres Vargas and Jess Snchez Valdivia; Ccile Richard-Hansen and Eric Hansen; Choc, Colombia, Astrid Ulloa, Claudia Campos, and Heidi Rubio-Torgler; Fishing Effort and Fish Consumption in the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve and i; Jos A. Gonzlez; Jos M. V. Fragoso, Richard E. Bodmer and Kirsten M. Silvius; Kirsten M. Silvius; Laury Cullen Jr., Richard E. Bodmer, Claudio Valladares-Pdua, and Jonathan D. B; Mexico, Eduardo J. Naranjo, Jorge E. Bolaos, Michelle M. Guerra, and Richard E.; overhunting or epidemic?, Jos M. V. Fragoso; Pablo E. Puertas and Richard E. Bodmer; Peter G. Crawshaw Jr., Jan K. Mhler, Cibele Indrusiak, Sandra M.C. Cavalcanti, ; Richard Bodmer, and Eterzit Pezo Lozano and Tula G. Fang; Richard E. Bodmer and John G. Robinson; Rondnia, Brazil, Rosa M. Lemos de S; Sergio Nogueira-Filho and Selene Siqueira da Cunha Nogueira; Wendy R. Townsend; William G. R. Crampton, Joo Paulo Viana, Leandro Castello and Jos Mara B. Dam; William G. R. Crampton, Leandro Castello and Joo Paulo Viana
Publication Date:
29 / 05 / 2012

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