Perfect Phrases in Spanish For Household Maintenance and Childcare

By: Jean Yates

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Talk with your Spanish-speaking employees--no prior knowledge of Spanish needed!

Perfect Phrases in Spanish for Household Maintenance and Child Care gives you more than 500 vital words and phrases specific to working in the home, with translations spelled out phonetically so you can say what you need to say immediately.

For example:

Give the baby a bath.Dale un baño al/(a la) bebé (DAH-leh oon BAHN-yoh ahl/(ah lah) beh-BEH)

Put the newspapers in the recycle bin. Ponga los periódicos en esta canasta para el reciclamiento. (PONG-gah lohs peh-ree-OH-thee-kohs en eh-stah kah-NAH-stah pah-rah el reh-see-clah-M'YEN-toh)

Clean the windows. Limpie las ventanas. (LEEMP lahs ben-TAH-nahs)

Learn the Spanish words and phrases for: exchanging pleasantries * interviewing potential employees * discussing pay rate and taxes * giving instructions * terminating an employee * establishing work hours * explaining safety and emergency procedures * praising good work

With Perfect Phrases in Spanish for Household Maintenance and Child Care, you can overcome the language barrier and develop a more comfortable, productive environment in your home.
Publication Date:
11 / 04 / 2008

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