Periodic Operation of Chemical Reactors

Periodic Operation of Chemical Reactors by P. L. Silveston

By: P. L. Silveston

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This comprehensive review, prepared by 24 experts, many of whom are pioneers of the subject, brings together in one place over 40 years of research in this unique publication. This book will assist R & D specialists, research chemists, chemical engineers or process managers harnessing periodic operations to improve their process plant performance. Periodic Operation of Reactors covers process fundamentals, research equipment and methods and provides "the state of the art" for the periodic operation of many industrially important catalytic reactions. Emphasis is on experimental results, modeling and simulation. Combined reaction and separation are dealt with, including simulated moving bed chromatographic, pressure and temperature swing and circulating bed reactors. Thus, Periodic Operation of Reactors offers readers a single comprehensive source for the broad and diverse new subject. This exciting new publication is a "must have" for any professional working in chemical process research and development.A comprehensive reference on the fundamentals, development and applications of periodic operationContributors and editors include the pioneers of the subject as well as the leading researchers in the fieldCovers both fundamentals and the state of the art for each operation scenario, and brings all types of periodic operation together in a single volumeDiscussion is focused on experimental results rather than theoretical ones; provides a rich source of experimental data, plus process modelsAccompanying website with modelling data
Publication Date:
04 / 12 / 2012

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