Personal Best by Camilla Brockett & Peter Fricker
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This book is not about training to win a marathon, or to make an Olympic team, or to become an elite athlete. Rather, it is a practical guide to achieving and maintaining your optimum fitness – and therefore your health – within your already busy schedule.

This comprehensive guide to getting fit and staying fit comes from two leading researchers at the Australian Institute of Sport, the institution that has helped maintain Australia's prominent position in world sport. It is a book for all of us, no matter how unfit we might be. Its flexible suggestions and common-sense advice will allow you to devise your own exercise program, so that you can get fit as quickly and as safely as possible. It includes:

stretching, flexibility and strengthening exercises
aerobic, strength and flexibility fitness programs
information on combining lifestyle, exercise and diet to lose weight and maintain your ideal weight
advice on how to measure your fitness and how best to approach getting fit
14 tasty recipes
Let Professor Peter Fricker, Director of the AIS, and Dr Camilla Brockett get you started on the road to good nutrition and good health. Their sound advice will ensure that your exercise program is easy to maintain and that your new-found fitness is long-lasting.

Start your new healthy life today – you'll never look back!
Publication Date:
03 / 03 / 2008

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