Personal Brands

Personal Brands by Roberto Alvarez del Blanco
By: Roberto Alvarez del Blanco
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In today's world of deep and complex transformation, people increasingly need to reflect on life, work, and good personal management. Striving for success amid the demanding nature of difficult times requires us to develop our personality in a structured and focused way. We need to look upon ourselves as if we were looking at a personal brand. Just as with well-known commercial brands, the personal brand can become a means of affirming true identity, of highlighting ability and of establishing reputation. Your personal brand will help you define your aims and values. It will identify your creative potential and your leadership qualities. It will highlight those areas in which you excel as a result of your knowledge and experience. This book offers a series of original reflections arising from brand analysis and brand management experience in the commercial world. Foreword by David A. Aaker
Publication Date:
27 / 10 / 2010

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