Pet Food Nation by Joan Weiskopf
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A Must-Read for all Pet LoversFor decades, dog and cat owners have depended on popular commercial foods to keep their beloved animals well-fed. Until 2007, when the national pet food catastrophe left pet owners scrambling for an alternative to mass-quantity, factory-produced food. How can you break away from your reliance on the commercial pet food industry? Pet Food Nation offers the solution: Stop feeding your pet from a bag or a can—gradually, and then permanently. Instead, let's return to the way our ancestors fed their cherished pets since the dawn of time, with a variety of fresh and cooked foods from our own homes, the smart, simple, and healthy way.Pet Food Nation features :How to transition your pet from commercial food to a healthier diet Six signs of dietary problems with your pet Why homemade food is better for your pet The best diet for an older pet What to feed your breed Basic easy recipes for dogs and catsBuy this book and learn how to feed your pets properly and safely now!
Publication Date:
10 / 11 / 2009

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