Pharaoh by Jackie French

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128 x 198 x 16mm

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A tale of travel and emotional journeys set against the exotic civilisation of Egypt before the time of the Pharaohs.

Prince Narmer is fourteen and, as his father's favourite, destined to be King.

Despite his father's warnings, Narmer loves to go hunting alone and one day he meets an 'oracle' not far from his home in Thisis. Although he doesn't realise at the time, this is a meeting that will change his life forever.

Narmer doesn't dwell on the meeting, though, as a trader has arrived at his father's palace. Visitors are infrequent and the trader has brought a wealth of exotic goods to trade with Narmer's father, who has gold to pay for them. Accompanying the trader is his interpreter, a mysterious person called Nitho.

Tragedy befalls Narmer when an unexpected encounter with a crocodile changes the path of his assured future. Now lame and horribly scarred, he is less than perfect and no longer the Golden One. His brother Hawk will be King of Thisis. And rather than remain as Hawk's Vizier, Narmer decides to leave his home and take his chances with the trader, whose healing skills have saved his life.

In their travels, Narmer learns much about faraway lands and people and his place in the world. Most of all, he learns what it means to be a true king and leader.
Publication Date:
28 / 03 / 2007
128 x 198 x 16mm

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