Photodetection and Measurement: Making Effective Optical Measurements for an Acceptable Cost

By: Mark Johnson

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MAKE OPTICAL MEASUREMENTS WITH MAXIMUM ACCURACY AND MINIMUM COST The "opto-electronics revolution" has made the art and science of making sensitive, accurate, and inexpensive optical measurements must-know information for legions of electronic engineers and research students. And there's no faster or easier way to master photodetection and measurement techniques than with this hands-on tutorial written by a teacher with experience enough to know the questions you would ask. A clear, easy-to-understand "rules-of-thumb" approach shows you how to make high-performance optical measurements by getting the fundamentals right, often with simple, inexpensive equipment commonly found in laboratories. It includes treatment of:
* Photodetectors
* Amplifiers
* LED sources
* Electronic modulation and demodulation
* Interference avoidance
* Data acquisition and basic DSP You'll also gain a firm understanding of noise-reduction techniques and the essentials of building-in speed, sensitivity,and stability. If you want to learn the secret of making sound optical measurements without expensive equipment, this is the one resource you shouldn't work without.
Publication Date:
28 / 07 / 2003

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