Place Names of Illinois by Edward Callary
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This comprehensive guide illuminates how the history and culture of Illinois are embedded in the names of its towns, cities, and other geographical features. Edward Callary unearths the origins of names of nearly three thousand Illinois communities and the circumstances surrounding their naming and renaming._x000B__x000B_Organized alphabetically, the entries are concise, engaging, and full of fascinating detail revealing the rich ethnic history of the state, the impact of industrialization and the coming of the railroads, and insight into local politics and personalities. Many entries concern the names of currently populated places, providing information on local pronunciation, the names etymology, and the communitys location, all set in historical and cultural context. The volume also introduces natural and constructed points of interest such as lakes and airports whose names reflect aspects of the states history. A general introduction locates Illinois place names in the context of general patterns of place naming in the United States._x000B__x000B_An extremely useful reference for scholars of American history, geography, language, and culture, Place Names of Illinois also offers intriguing browsing material for the inquisitive reader and the curious traveler.
Publication Date:
29 / 09 / 2008

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