Plan and Conduct Effective Meetings: 24 Steps to Generate Meaningful Results

By: Barbara Streibel

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RUN BUSINESS MEETINGS THAT ARE FOCUSED, PRODUCTIVE, AND BENEFICIAL TO YOUR ORGANIZATION In business, meetings are necessary but not always efficient. But by using the principles in Plan and Conduct Effective Meetings, you'll discover 24 easy-to-implement techniques geared to make your meetings more productive than ever before. This step-by-step guide goes straight to the heart of meeting planning and facilitating, explaining why meetings go wrong and what to do about it. You'll learn to conduct meetings that stay sharply focused; turn participants into valuable contributors; and make decisions that result in actionable tasks. This guide also discusses video- and teleconferencing, so you can use those powerful technologies to your advantage, too. Plus, you'll: Discover how preparation can guarantee meeting success Learn to begin each meeting with a purpose and end with an accomplishment Understand each participant's role, to increase productivity Discover how to deal with problems during meetings Find out how to neutralize time-wasting interpersonal conflicts Get tips on using technology to hold virtual meetings
Publication Date:
05 / 09 / 2007

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