Plotinus on Eudaimonia: A Commentary on Ennead I.4

Plotinus on Eudaimonia: A Commentary on Ennead I.4 by Kieran McGroarty
By: Kieran McGroarty

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A philosophical commentary on a section of the Enneads written by the last great Neoplatonist thinker, Plotinus. The treatise is entitled 'Concerning Well-Being' and was written at a late stage in Plotinus' life when he was suffering from an illness that was shortly to kill him. Its main concern is with the good man and how he should pursue the good life. The treatise is therefore central to our understanding of Plotinus' ethical theory, and the commentaryseeks to explicate and elucidate that theory. Plotinus' views on how one should live in order to fulfil oneself as a human being are as relevant now as they were in the third century AD. All Greek and Latin is translated, while short summaries introducing the content of each chapter help to make Plotinus'argument clear even to the non-specialist.
Publication Date:
05 / 10 / 2006

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