PostgreSQL 8 for Windows

PostgreSQL 8 for Windows by Richard Blum

By: Richard Blum

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The easiest way to set up a PostgreSQL database server on Windows

Get up-and-running on PostgreSQL quickly using this hands-on guide. Filled with real-world examples, PostgreSQL 8 for Windows offers you practical, step-by-step details on installing, configuring, and using PostgreSQL 8--the full-featured, open-source database management system--on Windows platforms. You'll learn to administer, secure, and tune your database and use SQL. You'll also discover how to interface Microsoft Access, Microsoft .NET, Visual C++, and Java with the PostgreSQL database.

Install and configure PostgreSQL 8 on Windows

Customize your system using the configuration files

Work with the utilities

Administer your database from the pgAdmin III graphical interface

Use the psql command line program to manually execute SQL commands

Take advantage of built-in functions or create your own stored procedures and triggers

Implement tested security measures

Maintain optimal database performance

Access a PostgreSQL database from a Microsoft Access application and migrate Access databases to PostgreSQL

Create .NET, Visual C++, and Java applications that interface with your PostgreSQL server
Publication Date:
03 / 04 / 2007

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