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    Power And Glory: Jacobean England And The Making Of The King James Bible

    By: Adam Nicolson

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    2004 is the 400th anniversary of the commissioning of the King James Bible and 'Power And Glory' is a fascinating, lively account of the making of the King James Bible.

    James VI of Scotland - now James I of England - came into his new kingdom in 1603. Trained almost from birth to manage rival political factions, he was determined not only to hold his throne, but to avoid the strife cause by religious groups that was bedeviling most European countries. He would hold his God-appointed position and unify has kingdom.

    Out of these circumstances, and involving the very people who were engaged in the bitterest controversies, a book of extraordinary grace and lasting literary appeal was created: the King James Bible.

    Adam Nicolson gives a fascinating and dramatic account of the early years of the first Stewart ruler, and the scholars who laboured for seven years to create the world's greatest book; immersing us in a world of ingratiating bishops, a fascinating monarch and London at a time unlike any other.

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