Power Integrity for I O Interfaces

Power Integrity for I/O Interfaces by Woong Hwan Ryu

By: Woong Hwan Ryu

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Foreword by Joungho Kim The Hands-On Guide to Power Integrity in Advanced Applications, from Three Industry Experts In this book, three industry experts introduce state-of-the-art power integrity design techniques for today's most advanced digital systems, with real-life, system-level examples. They introduce a powerful approach to unifying power and signal integrity design that can identify signal impediments earlier, reducing cost and improving reliability. After introducing high-speed, single-ended and differential I/O interfaces, the authors describe on-chip, package, and PCB power distribution networks (PDNs) and signal networks, carefully reviewing their interactions. Next, they walk through end-to-end PDN and signal network design in frequency domain, addressing crucial parameters such as self and transfer impedance. They thoroughly address modeling and characterization of on-chip components of PDNs and signal networks, evaluation of power-to-signal coupling coefficients, analysis of Simultaneous Switching Output (SSO) noise, and many other topics. Coverage includes The exponentially growing challenge of I/O power integrity in high-speed digital systems PDN noise analysis and its timing impact for single-ended and differential interfaces Concurrent design and co-simulation techniques for evaluating all power integrity effects on signal integrity Time domain gauges for designing and optimizing components and systems Power/signal integrity interaction mechanisms, including power noise coupling onto signal trace and noise amplification through signal resonance Performance impact due to Inter Symbol Interference (ISI), crosstalk, and SSO noise, as well as their interactions Validation techniques, including low impedance VNA measurements, power noise measurements, and characterization of power-to-signal coupling effects Power Integrity for I/O Interfaces will be an indispensable resource for everyone concerned with power integrity in cutting-edge digital designs, including system design and hardware engineers, signal and power integrity engineers, graduate students, and researchers.
Publication Date:
13 / 10 / 2010

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