Practical PowerPivot & DAX Formulas for Excel 2010

Practical PowerPivot & DAX Formulas for Excel 2010 by Art Tennick

By: Art Tennick

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250 + ready-to-use, powerful DAX formulas

Develop effective business intelligence (BI) solutions and drive faster, better decision making across your enterprise with help from an experienced database consultant and trainer. Through clear explanations, screenshots, and examples, Practical PowerPivot & DAX Formulas for Excel 2010 shows you how to extract actionable insights from vast amounts of corporate data. More than 250 downloadable DAX formulas plus valuable appendixes covering SQL, MDX, and DMX query design are included in this hands-on guide.

Build pivot tables and charts with PowerPivot for Excel

Import information from Access, Excel, data feeds, SQL Server, and other sources

Organize and format BI reports using the PowerPivot Field List

Write DAX formulas that filter, sort, average, and denormalize data

Construct complex DAX formulas from statistical, math, and date functions

Compare current and past performance using date and time intelligence

Handle non-additive numbers, non-numeric values, and running totals

Develop complete self-service and sharable BI solutions in a few minutes

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16 / 08 / 2010

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