Pregnancy & Birth by Tina Otte
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Tina Otte
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Pregnancy is a magical and joyful experience in a woman's life that leads to one of the most exceptional occasions: the birth of a baby. Pregnancy is also a time in which a woman's body undergoes major changes as it prepares for motherhood, a transformation - both physical and mental - that can bring discomfort, pains and worries.

Let this book guide you through a healthy pregnancy and explain why, at times, you feel the way you do. Inform yourself about what awaits you each step of the way, how you should eat, exercise and prepare yourself, what birthing options are available and the supporting role your partner can play throughout the pregnancy and during the birth of your child. Knowing what lies in store will help you recognize and enjoy the changes that signal your transition to motherhood.

- the trimesters of pregnancy, and the tests and scans that will be conducted
- common complaints during pregnancy, as well as warning signs
- the importance of regular exercise and good nutrition, with a look at what to take in moderation or avoid altogether
- how to prepare for labour using relaxation and visualization techniques, as well as the importance of drawing up a birth 'wish list'
- your options for birth and step-by-step look at the stages of labour
- the first 24 hours after your baby is born
Publication Date:
24 / 10 / 2005

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