Present Your Way to the Top

Present Your Way to the Top by David Dempsey
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For middle- and upper-level managers, the stakes are higher when delivering presentations. Whether they are presenting directly to senior-level or corporate management, or are being watched (and being evaluated) while giving presentations to their staffs, middle and upper-level professionals not only have to engage, persuade and motivate their audiences, but also have to prove to their senior management team that they have what it takes to take the next step up the corporate ladder. In Present Your Way to the Top, David Dempsey, one of America's top speakers and consultant to senior managers and CEOs around the world, reveals timeless strategies for drafting and delivering dynamic presentations that not only produce tangible results, but that are geared to help the presenter get noticed at work, demonstrate the skills that upper-level management wants to see, and get ahead in their careers.

Step-by-step, using an engaging style and a straightforward blend of expert advice and case studies, Dempsey demonstrates how to speak with the unshakeable, confident style of someone who is already at the top of their game, and is ready to climb higher. The 8 part program, which has been used by executives the world over, shows readers how to:

Ensure they address critical details before they speak: Having a full understanding of the situation at hand is crucial in making yourself appear like a leader.
Draft a cogent, persuasive and unforgettable speech
Revise their presentations to remove extraneous ideas: Clarity, focus and staying to the point at hand is essential in identifying yourself as a person on the rise.
Weave compelling stories into the narrative
Creative vivid images with clear, crisp language: Audiences—and senior management—appreciate presenters who can make their points come alive.
Move, gesture and pause advantageously
Read and react to their audience: Being able to handle questions and give seemingly "off the cuff" answers is crucial to presenting like upper management.
Publication Date:
23 / 02 / 2010

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