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    President Obama and a New Birth of Freedom: Obama's and Lincoln's Inaugral Addresses and Much More

    By: Joseph Cummins

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    The presidential inaugural ceremony celebrates the ideals of renewal‚ continuity‚ and unity. This book is set to release weeks after Obama's inauguration and the day before Lincoln's 200th birthday‚ and celebrates the USA's "new birth of freedom." It highlights Obama's inaugural address and Lincoln's first and second inaugural addresses‚ with exciting commentary and trivia that provide the perfect context for this historic moment‚ one that will be studied in classrooms the world over.

    As President Lincoln did over a century ago‚ Barack Obama has challenged America to transcend race and ideology to unite in commitment to a higher principle. Both men began their political careers in the Illinois statehouse‚ entered the White House facing extraordinary challenges‚ and‚ as Obama has said of his political hero‚ "through his will and his words...moved a nation."

    Ages 8-12 years

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