Pride and Joy: A Guide to Understanding Your Childs Emotions and Solving Family Problems

Pride and Joy: A Guide to Understanding Your Childs Emotions and Solving Family Problems by Kenneth Barish

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Pride and Joy is a different kind of parenting book. In Pride and Joy, child psychologist Kenneth Barish brings together the best of recent advances in clinical and neuroscience research with the authors three decades of experience working with children and families. He shows how a deeper appreciation of our childrens emotions offers parents a new understanding of their childrens development and better solutions to the problems in their lives. Barish offers advice to parents on how we can restore more joyfulness and pride in our relationships with our children and how we can help children bounce back from disappointment and defeat. He shows how we can repair family relationships that have been damaged by frequent anger and resentment and how we can preserve our childrens idealism and their concern for others--how we can raise children who feel good about themselves and also care about the needs and feelings of others. Barish also offers advice on how to solve problems of daily family life--establishing rules and limits, doing homework and going to sleep, winning and losing at games, our childrens reluctance to talk to us, their tantrums and lack of motivation, and their addiction to television and video games. He presents down-to-earth recommendations for solving these common family problems--problems that too often erode the joyfulness of our children and our pleasure in being parents. Pride and Joy is both informative and highly practical, and a balanced answer to the extreme methods that too often dominate parenting debates. Few parenting books address the central issues of concern to todays parents while also offering parents as much day-to-day advice.
Publication Date:
30 / 04 / 2012

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