Pride and Prudence

Pride and Prudence by Malia Martin

By: Malia Martin

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The heroic exploits of dashing Captain James Ashley have made him an idol in the eyes of an adoring public. But in Londons salons, the society ladies whisper that The Most Delectable Man in England is good for only one thing. The proud adventurer wants respectability, not a reputation for excellence in battle and bed. But one obstacle stands in his way: the exquisitely distracting vixen, Lady Prudence Farnsworth.The lovely, tempestuous widows fierce independence stirs the conqueror in him, and her searing sensuality makes him ache to taste the fire of her kiss. Rumor has this tempting woman of dark mystery linked to Captain Ashleys despised enemy, so even one ecstasy-filled evening together would be perilous. But when two equally passionate souls come together, no amount of pride or willful prudence can keep them apart.
Publication Date:
26 / 02 / 2013

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