Principles of Precambrian Geology

Principles of Precambrian Geology by Alan M. Goodwin

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Principles of Precambrian Geologyis an update to the 1991 book, Precambrian Geology: The Dynamic Evolution of the Continental Crust, by the same author. The new edition covers the same topics in a more concise and accessible format and is replete with explanatory figures, tables, and illustrations. The book serves as a modern comprehensive statement on the Earth's Precambrian crust, covering the main aspects of distribution, lithiostratigraphy, age, and petrogenesis of Precambrian rocks by continent within the context of the Earth's evolving continental crust. Principles of Precambrian Geology provides a suitable framework for assessing various Earth dynamic and biospheric hypotheses, including the modern plate tectonic paradigm and the Gaian hypothesis. Despite the concise format, the new edition provides extensive updated references to support the information presented. It is designed to serve the needs of student, teacher, explorationist and general student of the continental crust.Updated to provide more concise accessible informationExtensive illustrations, tabulations, and mapsProvides a framework for assessing recent hypothesis on Earth dynamicsCovers main aspects of distribution, lithostratigraphy, age, and protogenesis of Precambrian rocks
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18 / 06 / 1996

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