Principles of Regenerative Biology

Principles of Regenerative Biology by Unknown

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With the explosion of knowledge from molecular biology and the burgeoning interest in generating or regenerating tissues or organs through various bioengineering or stem cell approaches, many scientists and students have shown a renewed interest in the phenomenon of regeneration. Because relatively few have had the luxury of being able to approach the phenomenon of regeneration from a broad biological perspective, Dr. Carlson has produced a book that outlines the fundamental principles of regeneration biology. Subject matters focus principally on regeneration in vertebrate systems, but also invertebrate regeneration. In order to manipulate regenerative processes, it is important to understand the underlying principles of regeneration. Principles of Regnerative Biology is the key introductory reference for all developmental biologists, geneticists, and tissue and stem cell researchers.Creates a general understanding of one of the most fascinating and complex phenomena in biologyDiscusses the ability and diversity of regeneration in various organismsExplains the history and origins of cells in regenerating systemsIncludes information on stem cells and its important role in regeneration
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10 / 10 / 2011

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