Producing for TV and New Media by Cathrine Kellison

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Producing for TV and New Media provides a comprehensive look at the role of the "Producer? in television and new media. At the core of every media project there is a Producer who provides a wide array of creative, technical, financial, and interpersonal skills. Written especially for new and aspiring producers, this book looks at both the Big Picture and the essential details of this demanding and exhilarating profession.A series of interviews with seasoned TV producers who share their real-world professional practices provides rich insight into the complex billion-dollar industries of television and new media. This type of practical insight is not to be found in other books on producing. This new edition now covers striking developments in new media, delivery systems, the expansion of the global marketplace of media content.* Comprehensive coverage of the nuanced and multi-dimensional role of a Producer presented in a clear and engaging writing style* Traces a project from conception to a finished piece of broadcast quality* Interviews with estabilished industry professionals offers readers real-world insight into the world of television production
Publication Date:
22 / 09 / 2008

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