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Rainbow Magic: The Ocean Fairies 90: Whitney the Whale Fairy
RRP*: $9.99
129 x 198 x 0mm
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Rachel and Kirsty are visiting Kirsty's grandmother by the sea for their spring break. One morning they spot a very sparkly shell on the beach and it whisks them away to Fairyland! It's the occasion of the yearly Ocean Gala, where Shannon the Ocean Fairy plays her Magical Golden Conch Shell to ensure that the seas and oceans remain peaceful and ordered for the year ahead. But Jack Frost is there to ruin things for everyone! His pesky goblins break the Magical Golden Conch Shell into seven pieces as they try to steal it and the pieces are whisked away into the oceans of the human world. Queen Titania uses her magic to send seven magical sea creatures to guard the pieces of the shell, but the Ocean Fairies, and Rachel and Kirsty must get the pieces back before chaos takes over the oceans! Can they outwit Jack Frost and his goblins and make the oceans a safe and happy place for everyone once again...? In this book, Rachel and Kirsty must help Whitney search for her beloved whale and track down the sixth piece of the shell before the pesky goblins get it!

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"Rainbow Magic: The Ocean Fairies 90: Whitney the Whale Fairy" is available now at these stores...

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