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The Soul Of Leadership
RRP: $27.99
181 x 280 mm
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The Soul of Leadership decodes the mysterious qualities that have propelled history's greatest leaders to the top of the ranks and shrouded them in legend - Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill, Buddha - and provides a hands-on approach to understanding and mastering these qualities.
The 10 Fundamental Principles, that Deepak Chopra believes all leaders should follow, include:
* A leader is the symbolic soul of the group
* Inner qualities determine the outcome of any situation
* For every need, the right response can be found
* Great leaders can respond to all situations from the higher levels of spirit
* A leader focused only on external goals (money, victory, power) will fail.
Using well-known examples of great leaders and a clear, concise breakdown of the virtues that a great leader must possess, The Soul of Leadership demystifies leadership and empowers readers to become leaders in their own right - from managing a family crisis to starting their own business.
The Soul Of Leadership also available as an eBook!

About the Author

Deepak Chopra
Deepak Chopra was born October 22, 1946 in New Delhi, the son of a cardiologist, and is an Indian-American doctor and writer. After studying medicine in India, he emigrated to the US in 1968. He worked in various hospitals, furthering his study, before reading about transcendental meditation in 1981. From there he has studied various spiritual and meditation techniques, and has become a leading expert in mind-body medicine, and published several books. He says he became disillusioned with medicine as he found it frustrating giving patients drugs when he knew they would not fix their problems. He has developed a number of techniques, but his core message appears to be that a healthy mind leads to a healthy (or healthier) body. He has courted several diverse opinions for his controversial work and beliefs, but for every critic, he has many satisfied customers.

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