Professional Practice for Landscape Architects

Professional Practice for Landscape Architects by Nicola Garmory

By: Nicola Garmory


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This book, organised in an extremely-user friendly manner, equips the landscape architect with all of the required knowledge in business and law. It is of great value to Landscape architects throughout their academic and professional life. Landscape architecture students will find this book vital to their education and it will also be useful for landscape students on non-professional programmes who wish to understand the regulatory and planning backgrounds to their studies and for students on technical-type landscape programmes. It is compulsory reading for everyone preparing for the new Pathway to Chartership examination. Not only will it help you pass the exam but you will, along with the thousands of fully-qualified landscape architects in the UK, find it an extremely time-saving reference in your busy working lives.* Highly recommended by the Landscape Institute as preparation for the compulsory Pathway to Chartership * Helps readers to build an understanding of the legal and commercial environment of landscape architecture in the UK* Updated to include new legislation and current practice
Publication Date:
21 / 03 / 2007

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