Programming Arduino Next Steps: Going Further with Sketches

By: Simon Monk

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Take your Arduino skills to the next level!

In this practical guide, electronics guru Simon Monk takes you under the hood of Arduino and reveals professional programming secrets. Featuring coverage of the Arduino Uno, Leonardo, and Due boards, Programming Arduino Next Steps: Going Further with Sketches shows you how to use interrupts, manage memory, program for the Internet, maximize serial communications, perform digital signal processing, and much more. All of the 75+ example sketches featured in the book are available for download.

Learn advanced Arduino programming techniques, including how to:

Use hardware and timer interrupts

Boost performance and speed by writing time-efficient sketches

Minimize power consumption and memory usage

Interface with different types of serial busses, including I2C, 1-Wire, SPI, and TTL Serial

Use Arduino with USB, including the keyboard and mouse emulation features of the Leonardo and Due boards

Program Arduino for the Internet

Perform digital signal processing

Accomplish more than one task at a time—without multi-threading

Create and release your own code library
Publication Date:
16 / 10 / 2013

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