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    By: Lauren Slater

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    In 1988, Lauren Slater's life was changed forever by the new 'wonder drug', Prozac, and a host of symptoms - anxieties, compulsive behaviours, depressions - virtually disappeared. Yet what is it like, she asks in this electrifying, fearlessly honest memoir, to come to terms which a long-term existence on medication? How does someone who has spent extended periods in mental hospitals adapt to health? What happens to the familiar inner demons when 'Prozac poop-out' lets them - and madness - back in? Can anyone really accept that their basic personality was just a broken machine which could be repaired by minor chemical adjustments? And what does Prozac do to one's memory, creativity, sense of self and sexuality? In this compelling sequel to Welcome to My Country, Slater traces her own tangled, troubled journey from severe mental illness to a life of precarious 'normality' and achievement.

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