Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Psychiatric Rehabilitation by Melissa M. Roberts

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The third edition of Psychiatric Rehabilitation, discusses interventions to help individuals with mental illness improve the quality of their life, achieve goals, and increase opportunities for community integration so they can lead full and productive lives. This person centered approach emphasizes strengths, skill development, and the attainment of valued social roles. The third edition has been fully updated with new coverage indicating how to address medical problems while treating for mental illness, wellness and recovery, evidence based practices, and directions for future research. Retaining the easy to read, engaging style, each chapter includes key terms with definitions, case studies, profiles of leaders in the field, special issues relating to treatment and ethics, and class exercises. Providing a comprehensive overview of this growing field, the book is suitable as an undergraduate or graduate textbook, as well as a reference for practitioners and academic researchers. Special Features: Provides new coverage on comorbid medical disorders, evidence based practices, wellness and recovery, and direction for future research Identifies controversial issues relating to treatment and ethicsSupplies case study examples to illustrate chapter pointsHighlights key terms with definitions and key topicsOffers focus questions and class exercises as a teaching toolNew coverage of DSM-V diagnosis, evidence-based treatment, and daily living skills trainingRetains case studies, boxed controversial issues, glossary
Publication Date:
29 / 08 / 2013

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