Psychology and the Internet

Psychology and the Internet by Unknown

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The previous edition provided the first resource for examining how the Internet affects our definition of who we are and our communication and work patterns. It examined how normal behavior differs from the pathological with respect to Internet use. Coverage includes how the internet is used in our social patterns: work, dating, meeting people of similar interests, how we use it to conduct business, how the Internet is used for learning, children and the Internet, what our internet use says about ourselves, and the philosophical ramifications of internet use on our definitions of reality and consciousness. Since its publication in 1998, a slew of other books on the topic have emerged, many speaking solely to internet addiction, learning on the web, or telehealth. There are few competitors that discuss the breadth of impact the internet has had on intrpersonal, interpersonal, and transpersonal psychology.Provides the first resource for looking at how the Internet affects our definition of who we areExamines the philosophical ramifications of Internet use and our definitions of self, reality, and workExplores how the Internet is used to meet new friends and love interests, as well as to conduct businessDiscusses what represents normal behavior with respect to Internet use
Publication Date:
10 / 10 / 2011

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