Public Infrastructure Asset Management, Second Edition

Public Infrastructure Asset Management, Second Edition by Waheed Uddin, W. Hudson

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The Latest Tools and Techniques for Managing Infrastructure Assets

Fully updated throughout, this practical resource provides a proven, cost-effective infrastructure asset management framework that integrates planning, design, construction, maintenance, rehabilitation, and renovation. Public Infrastructure Asset Management, Second Edition, describes the most current methodologies for effectively managing roads, bridges, airports, utility services, water and waste facilities, parks, public buildings, and sports complexes.

This comprehensive guide covers information management and decision support systems, including proprietary solutions and new technological developments such as cloud storage. The book discusses total quality management, economics, life-cycle analysis, and maintenance, rehabilitation, and reconstruction programming. Up-to-date examples and real-world case studies illustrate the practical applications of the concepts presented in this thoroughly revised reference.

This new edition features:

Planning, needs assessment, and performance indicators

Database management, data needs, and analysis

Inventory, historical, and environmental data

In-service monitoring and evaluation data

Performance modeling and failure analysis

Design for infrastructure service life


Maintenance, rehabilitation, and reconstruction strategies, policies, and treatment alternatives

Dealing with new or alternate concepts

Prioritization, optimization, and work programs

Integrated infrastructure asset management systems

Visual IMS: an illustrative infrastructure management system and applications

Available asset management system and commercial off-the-shelf providers

Benefits of implementing an asset management system

Sustainability, environmental stewardship, and asset management

Future directions for infrastructure asset management
Publication Date:
29 / 07 / 2013

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