Public Law Concentrate: Law Revision and Study Guide

Public Law Concentrate: Law Revision and Study Guide by Colin Faragher

By: Colin Faragher

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Public Law Concentrate is a high quality revision guide which covers the main topics found on undergraduate and GDL courses. The clear, succinct coverage of key legal points, including key cases, enables students to quickly grasp the fundamental principles of this area of law. The book focusses on the needs of students to succeed in their exams, showing how legal rules fit together and the approach that should be adopted when answering questions. Developed with students and lecturers, this colourful guide includes a range of features designed to support and maximise your revision, including advice on improving your marks and quick-reference summaries of key academic debates and articles. An Online Resource Centre also accompanies this book (, giving you access to the following resources:- A diagnostic test entitled 'where do I need to concentrate?' to help you identify which topics you know best so you can plan your revision effectively- Interactive flashcards of key cases to test your knowledge of case principles and names- An interactive glossary to test your knowledge of key terminology- Multiple choice questions to provide you with instant feedback to monitor your progress- Outline answers to essay and problem questions- Advice on revision and exam technique authored by renowned textbook writer and experienced examiner Nigel Foster, Professor of Law and Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buckingham
Publication Date:
05 / 01 / 2012

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