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    Put What Where? Over 2,000 Years Of Bizarre Sex Advice

    By: John M Naish

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    Since the dawn of time, the human sex act has been comically confused by an perpetual plague of self-appointed experts: moralists, pundits, ju-ju men and learned academics – all claiming to preach the magical secrets of lovemaking to a mystified audience. Every era has had its Dr Ruths and Joy of Sexes, mining a highly lucrative business from declaring the right way, the right place, the essential time, the correct shape, the perfect partner and, of course, the ultimate naughtiness. If self-appointed sexperts have one thing in common, it's a special strain of eccentricity. In the absence of any real medical knowledge or scientific evidence… well, they made it up! They then garnished it all with their unique blend of homespun wisdom, ingrained prejudice and deep, deep personal strangeness.

    This book maps the incredible history of sex advice from the beginnings to the 1970s, and our modern era of apparent enlightenment. But then, all eras thought they knew the answer. Every era thought it had reinvented sex. John Naish mines all of these sources for a fantastically funny and illuminating read.

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