Quantitative Measurements for Logistics

Quantitative Measurements for Logistics by Philip Frohne

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Utilize the Latest Measurement Tools and Computations Needed to Achieve World-Class Logistics Operations in Any Organization!

Quantitative Measurements for Logistics offers you a wide variety of measurement tools and computations used in today's logistics operations, ranging from life cycle costs to maintainability computations.

Covering every major area of logistics, this comprehensive resource examines break-even analysis…depreciation methods…forecasting… inventory computations…learning curves…maintenance management… quality control…queuing theory…repair level analysis…statistics…failure definitions…and much more. Filled with over 125 illustrations describing formulas and applications, Quantitative Measurements for Logistics features:

A wealth of state-of-the-art logistics tools, methods, and concepts

Detailed measurements followed by supporting calculations

Subject and topic definitions included throughout

Numerous military and business applications

Inside This Cutting-Edge Logistics Resource

• Acceptance Sampling • Availability Computations • Break-Even Analysis • Combinatorial Analysis and Probability • Depreciation Methods • Forecasting Methods • Inventory Computations • Learning Curves • Life Cycle Costing • LSA Computations • Maintainability Computations • Maintenance Management • Maintenance Time Management • Managerial Accounting • Mean Time Allocations and Predictions • PERT Computations • Project Earned Value Analysis • Provisioning Computations • Quality Control • Queuing Theory • Reliability Computations • Repair Level Analysis • Spare Part Computations • Statistics • Time Value of Money Computations • ILS Definitions • Failure Definitions • Maintenance Definitions • Logistics Activities
Publication Date:
22 / 05 / 2007

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