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    By: Laura Madeira

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      Do more in less time!   Whether you’re an entrepreneur, accountant, or bookkeeper, this comprehensive guide will help you get the most out of QuickBooks 2012: more productivity, more business knowledge, and more value! Drawing on her unsurpassed QuickBooks consulting experience, Laura Madeira delivers step-by-step guides and practical checklists for taking total control over business finances, and improving everything from planning to reporting, payroll to invoicing!   •   Create new files; convert from other software; and set up users, permissions, and preferences •   Master all the essentials of financial reporting •   Understand QuickBooks lists: from the chart of accounts, items, classes and more •   Set up and manage inventory, vendors, customers, and payroll •   Track customer leads •   Work with bank and credit card accounts •   Create repeatable reports •   Review the accuracy of your data, step by step •   Share QuickBooks data with accountants •   Reliably back up data •   Troubleshoot database errors and monitor QuickBooks databases •   Use QuickBooks 2012’s tools for managing loans, planning, preparing for year-end, and syncing with Outlook •   Efficiently review and correct client data errors, from misclassified transactions to incorrect beginning balances •   Prepare customized financials using MS Excel and Word integration •   Master powerful shortcuts for working more efficiently and saving precious time   All In Depth books offer   •  Comprehensive coverage with detailed solutions •  Troubleshooting help for tough problems you can’t fix on your own •  Outstanding authors recognized worldwide for their expertise and teaching style   Learning, reference, problem-solving...the only QuickBooks 2012 book you need!  
    Publication Date:
    10 / 08 / 2012

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