Quite Honestly: A Novel - CD

Quite Honestly: A Novel - CD by John Mortimer
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Life couldn t be better for Lucinda Purefoy. Granted it s a little embarrassing, her father being the Bishop of Aldershot, but she s got a steady boyfriend, a degree in social sciences from Manchester University and the offer of a job in advertising. With all that, she felt she should pay back her debt to society and do a little good in the world . That s why she joined SCRAP (short for Social Carers, Reformers and Praeceptors ), an organization which trains girls like Lucy to become the guide, philosopher and friend to ex-convicts coming out of prison, to find them a job, a home and to encourage them to kick the habit of stealing things. And so Lucy finds herself standing outside the gates of Wormwood Scrubs, on a windy March morning, waiting to greet her first SCRAP client , a career-burglar called Terry Keegan. What happens next confounds expectations and produces a story full of surprises.
Publication Date:
06 / 03 / 2006

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